hanasaka jiisan

Made in Japan
Wajima-nuri & Kutani-yaki

Granpa Flower Bloom with his dog

A set of 1 Small bowl, a pair of chopsticks, 2 chopstick rests
– Limited Edition –

* estimate delivery time : 6-8 weeks.

Granpa Flower Bloom with his dog – 花咲か爺さんハッピーエンディングver.

Designed by Tomomi Maruyama

Wajima nuri / 輪島塗

High-class lacquerware made by Chubei Nakajima.
Hand-painted by artisan.
Urushi and use of gold & silver, 4 x 4 inches

What is Wajima-nuri?

Kutani yaki / 九谷焼

Japanese traditional porcelain made by Seikou
These chopstick rests are named “Tubbies“.
0.6 x 1.9inches

What is Kutani yaki?

How Wajima-nuri made