Paul&Eiichi large handkerchief

Tomioka Silk – Paul & Eiichi

Large handkerchief, 21.6 x 21.6 inch
Silk 52% / Cotton 48%
Color: Green / Blue / Pink / Yellow
Artwork by Tomomi Maruyama

Paul Brunat & Eiichi Shibusawa – contributers for modernizing silk industry in Tomioka.

Tomioka Silk is a quality-commited brand as a leading silk manufacturer

Tomioka is top Japan sericultural city located Gunma Prefecture approx. 100 km northwest of Tokyo.

The Tomioka Silk products are high quality silk made with the world highest quality 6A ranked reel machine manufactured in a tie-up with Usuiseishi Co., Ltd.

The principle of Tomioka Silk is to manufacture only products with definite traceability with maker’s name – which is a manifestation of manufacturing responsibility. The Tomioka Silk Brand Association will continue to devote its know-how and enthusiasm to craftsmanship.

In 1872, development of the silk industry in Japan, the Tomioka Silk Mill (富岡製糸場, Tomioka Seishijō) was established.

Tomioka Silk Mill is Japan’s first, modern silk factory for processing silkworm cocoons into raw silk. The mill was built as a model factory by the Japanese government(Eiichi Shibusawa) with the help of French specialists(Paul Brunat)to improve the quality of silk produced in Japan through the use of modern machines and advanced working conditions for its workers following the Meiji restoration. And the preserved factory buildings received world heritage status in 2014.